If your disability claim was denied, there’s a good chance that your insurance provider acted in bad faith.

As an attorney who has gone up against Standard Insurance Company in the past, I can tell you firsthand that they are set up to deny valid disability claims. Policyholders (or “insureds”) just like you file disability claims thinking that 1) their employer will help ensure they get the benefits they need and 2) their insurance provider will gladly offer up their rightful coverage. Unfortunately, they are often mistaken on both counts.

Like so many other insurance providers, Standard uses a wide variety of tricks (discussed in the second half of this page) in order to delay paying their clients or deny their disability claims altogether. My job, on the other hand, is to fight for those whose claims have been wrongfully denied and help them recover the compensation they deserve.



If you dare to challenge Standard Insurance Company, it will oppose you with its army of lawyers and stable of biased, “hired gun” experts. However, even Standard cannot change what matters most: the truth.

A jury — not yet selected — is out there waiting to hear your case. With my help, we can present your case intelligently and effectively, allowing you to expose to the jury Standard’s denial machinery and prove that your claim was denied in bad faith. Often, the best-prepared cases resolve in highly favorable negotiated settlements.

*does not handle Social Security Disability

My Goals As Your Attorney

Overcome Wrongful Denial

Obviously my biggest priority as your attorney is to turn the wrongful denial of your claim into a lucrative settlement for you and your family. I will fight tooth and nail to turn this goal into a reality because I understand the gravity of your situation.

Alleviate Your Financial Strain

Between being unable to work and having your policy benefits denied, you’re undoubtedly feeling the financial strain of your situation. I offer free initial consultations, decades of insight, and straightforward counsel to help you get through this with as little unnecessary stress as possible.

Pursue Additional Compensation

The one and only good thing to come out of a denied disability claim is having the opportunity to collect even more compensation because of it. When I represent you, I’ll fight for additional payment to make up for the mental distress you’ve been put through on top of everything else.

Candidly Explain Your Rights & Options

When you work with me, I will meticulously evaluate your case, clearly explain the strengths and any potential weaknesses in your case, and candidly advise you on your best legal options.

Thoroughly Prepare for Litigation

As your attorney, I will take the time to clearly explain relevant legal terms. For now, you should know that litigation is a common method used to resolve cases like yours. Should that be your best option, I will recruit the finest insurance claims experts in the nation to review your case and provide key expert testimony to support you.

I’ll stand up to the bullies

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Use “Hired Gun” Medical Experts

Standard Insurance Company employs biased medical evaluators to assist it in denying claims. Known as “hired gun” experts, these medical professionals are paid to present the facts in a way that supports Standard’s decision to deny your claim.

Ask Extremely Selective Questions

In the exceedingly rare instance that Standard employs an independent medical evaluator, they will pose highly selective questions that are designed to generate a denial and, at the same time, withhold critical information from the medical evaluator.

Define Terms Incorrectly

During the investigation process, Standard will withhold from medical evaluators the correct definition of “disability” or “total disability” under California law, which (unsurprisingly) causes these evaluators to unwittingly support Standard’s decision to deny benefits.

Inaccurately Present Your Job Duties

The functional requirements of your job make a big difference when it comes to your disability claim. Insurance providers like Standard will deliberately fail to disclose those details to medical evaluators and other experts in order to get their desired testimonials.

Pick & Choose Their Facts

Insurance companies in and out of California are frequently caught conveniently “overlooking” vital client information while emphasizing the facts that support their own side of the case. As your lawyer, I’ll make sure the truth is presented front and center.

Your Go-to Law Firm for San Francisco Disability Claims

No matter how helpless your case may feel at this moment, I’m here to tell you that all of Standard Insurance Company’s tactics can be exposed and overcome. If they or another insurance provider has denied or underpaid your claim, please give me a call at 415-340-7709 or fill out the form on this page to set up your free consultation. I look forward to meeting with you and providing the professional advice and effective representation you need.