Our San Francisco Law Firm aggressively and tirelessly represents people whose disability claims have been wrongfully denied.

Standard Insurance Company is set up to deny meritorious claims.  

“Policyholders” or “Insureds,” including public employees, often assume that their employer will help them secure the disability insurance benefits they deserve.  But, unfortunately, they soon discover that they are on their own.

Following its established procedures for denying claims, Standard employs biased medical evaluators to assist it in denying claims.  In the exceedingly rare instance where Standard employs an independent medical evaluator, Standard will pose highly selective questions to the evaluator that are calculated to generate a denial and, at the same time, withhold from the medical evaluator critical information.

For example, Standard will withhold from its medical evaluator the correct definition of “disability” or “total disability” under California law and also fail to disclose the actual functional requirements of the insured’s job. Accordingly, the medical evaluators -- even if not completely beholden to Standard in advance – will render their “opinion” to support the denial based on the wrong questions, the wrong definitions or incomplete information.

All of Standard Insurance Company’s tactics can be exposed and overcome. 



If you dare to challenge Standard Insurance Company, it will oppose you with its army of lawyers and stable of hired gun experts.  However, even Standard cannot change what matters most -- it cannot change the truth. 

A jury -- not yet selected -- is out there waiting to hear your case. We have substantial experience working with treating physicians, other experts and lay witnesses to prepare the strongest possible case. 

If you present your case intelligently and courageously, you can expose for the jury Standard’s denial machinery and prove that your claim was denied in bad faith.  Often, the best-prepared cases resolve in highly favorable negotiated settlements. 

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Thirdly, we advise you whether it is realistic to resolve your case without the necessity of litigation. 

Fourthly, if litigation is the only option, we ask the finest insurance claims experts in the nation to review your case and provide key expert testimony to support you. 

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Mr. Cohen Can Help You:

  • Overcome Standard’s wrongful denial of your claim and receive your policy benefits
  • Relieve the stress of financial difficulty when you are unable to work
  • Obtain compensation for mental distress caused by the wrongful denial
  • Make the system work for you as you always expected it would