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At The Law Office of Bennett M. Cohen, our team helps victims and their families obtain compensation following personal injuries, disability disputes, medical malpractice, and more.

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    & Personal Injury Attorney in San Francisco, CA

    Client Reviews

    will bonner
    will bonner
    Absolutely Amazing job!! Bennett stuck with me through my most difficult years his professionalism, work ethic, and focus to detail was the excellent representation I needed for my case. I would highly recommend him if looking for legal representation. Thanks Bennett!!
    Domingo Figueredo
    Domingo Figueredo
    I was very fortunate to have been referred to Mr. Bennett: after an accident that suddenly and traumatically terminated my ability to see. A few years before my accident I had signed up for a supplemental accidental death and dismemberment policy. I filed a claim for my total loss of vision (I am 4X beyond the limit of legal blindness.) Not surprisingly my AD&D Insurance denied my initial claim. Bennett took the time to review the denial letters, the supporting information, and the "small print” spelling out the legal terms for the coverage. That included Reading through more than 50 pages of legal materials which, even if I were able to read, I would not be able to properly interpret. Based on this in-depth review, I am challenging the initial denial, and I was able to obtain an extension to submit additional materials for an appeal! In addition to this, Mr. Bennett shared some crucial information necessary to effectively challenge the case! I am deeply grateful for your kind and effective assistance during my time of crisis. Gratefully, Domingo Figueredo *****++ rating recommendation
    Hung Sing Kwoon USA
    Hung Sing Kwoon USA
    I want to thank Mr Cohen for everything he did for me. I was in a tough place, needing help, representation on my social security stuff. Mr Cohen helped me when no one else tried to help me. I was blessed to have this man represent me, he did everything he could to help me get my social security back. He even came out to my home to explain some of the process to me. Ultimately, in the end, I got my social security back, and that wouldn't have happened if this man didn't go to bat for me. Thank you again Mr Cohen. I truly appreciate you and all you've done for me. Frankie Mc.
    Robert Marinaro
    Robert Marinaro
    I highly recommend Bennett Cohen. He graciously accepted my bicycle personal injury case and left no stone unturned in fighting it through to a successful conclusion. It was a very difficult case that took a few unforeseen twists and turns and I had lost all faith that we would get a settlement. The case involved a defective bicycle component that failed causing me to crash and get fairly seriously injured. There were also two defendants – the bicycle company that imported and built-up the bike and the company that sold me the bike. When we learned that the bicycle company that built-up the bike went bankrupt shortly after my accident and did not have insurance I was ready to throw my hands up and acknowledge defeat because there was not much evidence left to hang this case on. Bennett convinced me otherwise, brought in top notch experts, and somehow won the case to my amazement. Bennett is a fighter and make no doubt he will go the extra mile to win your case.
    Dubfansince 1980
    Dubfansince 1980
    Bennett took on my long-term disability case for what ended up being diagnosed as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. CFS cases aren't always easy to get insurance companies to accept, but he made every effort to strengthen my case, which ended up being accepted by my insurance company! I felt he really cared about getting a good outcome for me. He was easy to work with and I enjoyed our conversations, which were very informative.
    Arielle Bosch
    Arielle Bosch
    It’s hard to find a good lawyer, let alone a human being, of such high caliber and character. A man of integrity and candor, Bennett was ahead of the game every step of the way. Kind, beyond knowledgeable and always ready to go the extra mile- I could not have been in better hands. Thanks, Bennett, for all your help, and most especially, for your care.
    Sahar Jahan
    Sahar Jahan
    I had to seek Mr. Cohen’s help during a very difficult time. Finding and choosing a right attorney is truly challenging yet so important. I am so glad I chose Bennett to represent me in a truly unfair matter. He is a true perfectionist, detailed oriented, patient, kind and simply brilliant in what he does. Bennet was able to work with me, coordinate talking to the right parties who helped my case, interviewed doctors in depth, and presented a no question needed type of case in less than two months which lead to us winning what was fair! If you need help in this particular field, look no further and do not waste time. Bennett will get the job done for you in the best way possible.
    steve rovner
    steve rovner
    Bennett & his staff handled a personal case on my behalf. Bennett was very good, patient and persistent and honest about the probability and outcome of my case which ended extremely favorable. He personally was involved in every detail, meeting, and communicated timely throughout the case. Highly recommend his services!
    • Strength

      We will fight for you aggressively, strategically, and with unrelenting effort. It makes no difference who we are facing or what obstacles they put in our way. While the defendant may take pleasure in the stress and hardship it has caused you, we view your difficult situation as fuel to fight even harder.

    • Knowledge

      Insurance claims disputes, as well as malpractice and personal injury cases, are often complicated. Comprehensive and specialized knowledge of these areas is essential for evaluating, building and winning your case. We have amassed this knowledge through many hard-fought cases. We will bring this comprehensive and specialized knowledge and skill to your case.

    • Integrity

      Uncompromising ethical standards always guide us in the handling of your case. Operating from a place of integrity is the only way to operate. It is not difficult when the truth is on our side and at the core of your case

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    The Law Office Of Bennett M. Cohen

    At The Law Office of Bennett M. Cohen, we make it our goal to help victims recover after injustices like personal injuries or being denied disability coverage. Our attorney, Bennett M. Cohen, brings over 30 years of legal experience. Since 1981, he has advocated tirelessly for his clients, ensuring they have a fighting chance.

    From personal injury cases like car accidents, to helping families obtain justice following the negligence of a major corporation, Bennett M. Cohen brings an unmatched level of professionalism. Every personal injury case operates off a contingency fee basis, meaning clients aren’t billed for their services until they receive a final settlement or court award.

    Our team understands how hard it can be to recover following a personal injury accident. We understand that every case is different, which is why we take the time and effort to get to know you and your situation first. While many cases can be similar, we are aware that each case has its own circumstances to consider.

    When we meet with you, we leave no stone unturned in understanding your situation and gathering the necessary evidence. We are based in San Francisco, but work with clients throughout the Bay Area and California.

    Our team is dedicated to ensuring a favorable outcome for every client’s case. Most of the time, this involves settling outside of court with a final settlement. In this way, losses like medical expenses and compensation for pain and suffering can be awarded without spending time and energy going to court. If needed, you can confidently rely on Bennet M. Cohen to successfully steer your case through court proceedings. Our team knows how to apply legal pressure so that our clients receive a fair settlement.

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      Reviews From Our Valued Clients

      Case Results

      • Excessive Force By San Francisco Pd

        A federal jury found the San Francisco Police Department to have used excessive force against a restrained arrestee, on June 13, 2014.
        Client Received Benefits

      • Disability Benefits

        In a confidential settlement, a disability insurer reversed its multiple denials of disability claims over two years and agreed to pay benefits.
        Confidential Settlement

      • Disability Claim Approved

        Prudential Insurance Company reversed its denial of disability claim arising from visual impairment and agreed to pay all past due benefits.
        All Past Due Benefits Paid

      Meet Bennett M. Cohen

      San Francisco Personal Injury Attorney

      Bennett M. Cohen brings over 30 years of litigation experience which includes representing plaintiffs against massive companies like the Shell Oil Company, Standard Insurance Company, and Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. Bennett M. Cohen brings an experienced and dynamic touch that separates himself from large law firms. He can oversee every aspect of your case, ensuring you receive specialized assistance.

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      Meet Bennett M. Cohen

      Enlist the help of a trusted attorney.

      Schedule a free case evaluation to set your case up for success.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      • Dealing with a denied disability claim can be stressful. You may have been left with one of two options. You can either appeal the decision, or you can sue your insurer. Typically, people will choose to appeal before pursuing the litigation route. Bennett M. Cohen can investigate your denied disability claim to determine why it was denied in the first place. A denied disability claim doesn’t always mean that you need to take your insurer to court either. For example, it can mean that you failed to submit your documentation properly. However, it can also mean that your insurer is trying to avoid paying for your disability.

      • What you do about a claim denial will vary based on your particular case. After consulting with your situation, whether or not you should try appealing is something Bennett M. Cohen can assist you with. Unfortunately, the truth is that many times insurance companies won’t take the time to thoroughly investigate an appeal, or they may intentionally argue in bad faith. To explain further, bad faith is when an insurance company purposefully acts in a way that violates the contract with their policy holder. An appeal often isn’t for the insurance company, but for a judge to reverse the denied claim instead. Our legal team can help you appeal your denied claim or file a suit should the appeal not follow through.

      • The time it takes to win a disability case will vary depending on the factors involved. For instance, factors like the complexity of your case, the disability type, and the efficiency of the legal process can impact the timeline. Certain injuries may require more evidence. And some insurance companies may be more willing to cooperate, especially when a legal team is representing the policy holder. Generally, the process of winning a disability case can take several months or years. It’s crucial to have patience and a seasoned attorney who can navigate the complexities and expedite the process whenever possible.

      • For cases governed by the ERISA, you typically have 180 days to file an appeal. Because this step can take time, it is best to start as soon as you know you want to submit an appeal. If your case is governed by California Law, then you may need to file a lawsuit within two years of a denial, or you can potentially lose the right to claim that an insurer acted in bad faith. Filing after the two-year deadline may result in a forfeit, and you won’t be able to recover damages due to emotional distress.

      • While some medical conditions have a higher likelihood of approval, there are no guarantees, especially if an insurance company attempts to argue your case in bad faith. Conditions that are severe, debilitating, and well-documented in medical records tend to have better approval rates. However, each case is unique. Other factors, such as the quality of your application and the strength of your case, also play a crucial role in the approval process. By working with a legal team, they can help you build a stronger case from the start and assist with an appeal should your disability claim be denied.


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      Don’t Leave Your Case To Chance

      Ensure your case is in the hands of a seasoned professional that will fight for you