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Denials Governed By California Law Attorney

Our San Francisco, CA denials governed by California law attorney understands from experienced that we must rely on health and disability insurance in times when it is needed most. Paying monthly or yearly premiums is our job, and it’s our insurance company’s job to give us the benefits we have paid for. Unfortunately, many people face disability insurance coverage disputes and denied insurance claims for no reason at all. When your claim is denied, the next step to take is to talk with a lawyer.

Generally, a case governed by California law is one arising from an insurance policy purchased by an individual or purchased by a governmental entity for its employees. The Law Offices of Bennett M. Cohen, P.C. is a San Francisco firm led by an experienced insurance lawyer. We work hard to reach a favorable outcome for our clients, whether that is through skillful negotiations or in trial.

Denied Coverage Subject To California Law

When your insurance company isn’t on your side, who is? It’s your attorney. Understanding the details of your policy can be overwhelming, and knowing how to effectively communicate with your insurance company can be very challenging. At your first meeting with us, Mr. Cohen will ask detailed questions about your policy, your disability or your injury, and inform you of your legal options for pursuing a claim against the insurance company.

Represented By A True Advocate

San Francisco denials governed by California law attorney, Bennett M. Cohen has extensive experience handling insurance bad faith and disability insurance claims. In effectively working against insurance companies, he is respected for his work and the amount of preparation he puts into his cases. Our clients can expect comprehensive legal counsel from start to finish.

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At the Law Offices of Bennett M. Cohen, we offer free initial consultations. Please contact us to schedule your meeting to discuss the details of your situation. Located in San Francisco, our San Francisco denials governed by California law attorney handles cases throughout the Bay Area and the surrounding California communities.

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Bennett M. Cohen brings over 30 years of litigation experience which includes representing plaintiffs against massive companies like the Shell Oil Company, Standard Insurance Company, and Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. Bennett M. Cohen brings an experienced and dynamic touch that separates himself from large law firms. He can oversee every aspect of your case, ensuring you receive specialized assistance.

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