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San Francisco, CA Disability Benefits Lawyer

If you or a loved one has experienced unfair denials or roadblocks in the process of claiming disability benefits, contact our San Francisco, CA disability benefits lawyer today. An injury, illness, or other disability can strike at any time, and you have rights to be free from discrimination for your disability. You also have the right to claim any benefits that you are entitled to, though insurance providers will often fight to deny you these benefits, or significantly undervalue them.

When faced with a battle with an insurance company, a lawyer with experience protecting their clients against bad faith insurance practices is a vital aid. A lawyer will help build a case and negotiate for the benefits that you are owed. If you are ready to seek professional help in your case, contact The Law Office of Bennett M. Cohen today and discover what we can do for you.

How A Disability Benefits Lawyer Can Help

Whether your disability be a physical injury, an illness, a mental disorder, or other form of disability, if your disability prevents you from working, you are likely entitled to benefits while you are unable to work. A lawyer’s role is to guide and assist you in understanding eligibility criteria, the process of application, and the appeals process.

A San Francisco disability benefits lawyer will first consult with you and form an understanding of your disability and the limitations that it provides to you and your ability to work. In understanding your specific case, a lawyer will better know how best to proceed.

A lawyer will then begin gathering evidence and documentation of your disability. Medical records, employment records, and other official documents are all useful in painting a picture of your disability and how it impacts your ability to work in order to craft the best possible application.

If your claim is denied by the insurance company, a lawyer will help take you through the appeals process. A good lawyer understands the tactics that insurance companies use to undervalue and deny claims, and they know how to fight back against their teams of lawyers and specialists. They will negotiate for you and the benefits that you deserve until you receive the best possible outcome.

Navigating Disability Claims Successfully: Common Mistakes To Avoid

At The Law Office of Bennett M. Cohen, we understand the intricacies involved with disability benefits and how a San Francisco disability benefits lawyer from our firm can help. To help you navigate this process with confidence, here are common mistakes to avoid when applying for disability benefits in San Francisco.

  1. Neglecting to Seek Professional Guidance:

One of the most prevalent mistakes is navigating the disability application process without professional assistance. Consulting with a San Francisco disability benefits lawyer ensures that you have the knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of the system.

  1. Providing Insufficient Medical Evidence:

Inadequate medical evidence is a leading cause of claim denials. Ensure that your medical records comprehensively document your condition, including diagnosis, treatment plans, and the impact on your daily life. Thorough documentation significantly strengthens your case.

  1. Missing Application Deadlines:

Timeliness is crucial in the world of disability benefits. Missing application deadlines can result in delays or denials. Be aware of key dates, and submit your application promptly to avoid unnecessary complications.

  1. Underestimating the Importance of Vocational Evidence:

Vocational evidence, such as work history and job skills, plays a crucial role in disability claims. Provide a detailed account of your work history and the specific demands of your previous roles. This information helps evaluators understand the impact of your condition on your ability to work.

  1. Failing to Clearly Articulate Limitations:

Clearly communicate the limitations your disability imposes on your daily life and work capabilities. Be specific about how your condition affects your ability to perform routine tasks and engage in gainful employment. The more detailed your account, the better your chances of a successful claim.

  1. Disregarding the Importance of Follow-Up Medical Treatment:

Consistent medical treatment is not only essential for your health but also strengthens your disability claim. Demonstrating ongoing medical care establishes the severity and persistence of your condition, reinforcing the need for disability benefits.

  1. Overlooking the Relevance of Mental Health Records:

If your disability claim involves mental health conditions, ensure that relevant records are included in your application. Mental health is a valid and crucial aspect of disability claims, and thorough documentation is essential.

  1. Providing Inconsistent Information:

Consistency in the information you provide is paramount. Discrepancies between your application, medical records, and statements can raise red flags. Review all information for accuracy and ensure alignment across all components of your claim.

  1. Disregarding Work Attempts and Income Reporting:

Inaccurate reporting of work attempts and income can jeopardize your claim. Clearly document any work attempts and accurately report your income. Failure to do so may lead to misunderstandings about your ability to engage in substantial gainful activity.

  1. Overlooking the Importance of Legal Representation:

Securing legal representation is not only for appeals; it can significantly benefit your initial claim. 

Avoiding these common mistakes is crucial for a successful disability benefits claim. If you find yourself facing challenges or uncertainties during this process, our dedicated team at The Law Office of Bennett M. Cohen is here to provide the support and guidance you need. Contact us today to get assistance from a San Francisco disability benefits lawyer from our firm.

Disability Benefits Infographic

Navigation Disability Claims Successfully: Common Mistakes To Avoid Infographic

Working With Insurance Companies

When filing for disability benefits, insurance companies often work to make the process as difficult as possible for you. A San Francisco disability benefits lawyer is aware of the tactics that insurance providers often use and are equipped to fight against them. 

Some common tactics include unreasonably delaying a decision or investigation, not conducting a thorough investigation, misinterpreting or misrepresenting policy language, ignoring or misrepresenting medical evidence, requesting unnecessary information, using biased medical specialists, denying a claim without explanation, offering unreasonably low settlements, and ignoring communication. If you have faced any of these tactics, or any other tactic that has been used to unfairly affect your claim, a lawyer can help you fight back and receive a just decision.

Disability Benefits Legal Guidance

Getting to know your disability rights can be overwhelming, but your San Francisco, CA disability benefits lawyer is here to help. At The Law Office of Bennett M. Cohen, we provide expert legal guidance to ensure that individuals receive the disability benefits they are entitled to. With empathy and expertise, our legal team stands with our clients at every step, offering the support and representation they need during challenging times.

Expertise In Disability Law

As experts in disability law, our firm is dedicated to securing the benefits our clients deserve. Our San Francisco disability benefits lawyers possess the knowledge and experience to handle cases efficiently, advocating for the rights of those who are unable to work due to a disability. We understand the complexities of disability law and use this insight to benefit our clients, helping them to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Advocating For Your Rights

An experienced lawyer from our firm will take the time to understand the specifics of your situation, ensuring that your case receives the individual attention it deserves. We strive to provide clear, actionable advice so that our clients can make informed decisions about their disability claims. From initial applications to appeals, we represent our clients with tenacity and skill, ensuring that their voices are heard and their rights are protected.

Navigating The Claims Process

Dealing with insurance companies and government agencies can be intimidating and confusing. That’s where we come in. Our team simplifies the legal jargon and guides our clients through the claims process with ease and clarity. We work tirelessly to gather the necessary documentation and build a strong case for each client, easing the burden so they can focus on their well-being.

Why We Are Different

At The Law Office of Bennett M. Cohen, what sets us apart is our commitment to personalized service. We know that no two cases are the same, which is why we tailor our legal strategies to the unique needs of each client. Our disability specialists pride themselves on being accessible, proactive, and responsive to our clients’ needs, ensuring that we provide the quality representation that our clients expect and deserve.

Securing Your Future

A disability can change your life, but it doesn’t have to dictate your future. With our firm by your side, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands. We fight to secure the financial support our clients need to manage their disabilities, allowing them to look forward to a brighter, more stable future.

Let Us Help You

If you are struggling to obtain disability benefits, don’t face the challenge alone. Our team is ready to provide the legal support you need to secure your rights and benefits. Reach out today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards securing the benefits you deserve. Together, we can work towards a resolution that allows you to move forward with confidence and peace of mind. Get in touch with us today, and see how a San Francisco disability benefits lawyer from our office can help.

San Francisco Disability Benefits Lawyer

If you need help applying for disability benefits, consult a San Francisco, CA disability benefits lawyer. It’s helpful to have someone knowledgeable and experienced on your side. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about disability benefits lawyers.

  1. What is a Disability Benefits Lawyer?

A Disability Benefits Lawyer is a legal professional specializing in assisting individuals with disabilities in navigating the complexities of the disability benefits application process. These lawyers possess expertise in disability law and use their knowledge to help clients secure the benefits they are entitled to.

  1. Why do I need a Disability Benefits Lawyer?

Navigating the disability benefits application process can be challenging, and having a lawyer by your side ensures that you have a knowledgeable advocate who understands the intricacies of disability law. A Disability Benefits Lawyer can help gather necessary evidence, navigate bureaucratic hurdles, and represent you in case of denials or appeals.

  1. What types of disability benefits do these lawyers handle?

Disability Benefits Lawyers handle a range of benefits, including Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). They assist clients in proving their eligibility for these benefits based on their medical conditions and inability to work.

  1. How can a Disability Benefits Lawyer help with the application process?

A Disability Benefits Lawyer can assist in gathering medical evidence, filling out complex forms, and ensuring that your application meets the necessary criteria. They play a crucial role in presenting a strong case to the Social Security Administration (SSA) to increase the likelihood of approval.

  1. What should I look for in a Disability Benefits Lawyer?

When choosing a San Francisco disability benefits lawyer, consider their experience in disability law, success rate with similar cases, and client reviews. Look for a lawyer who communicates effectively, understands your unique situation, and is committed to helping you navigate the complexities of the benefits process.

  1. How does the payment structure work for Disability Benefits Lawyers?

Many Disability Benefits Lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they only receive payment if your case is successful. This fee is typically a percentage of the benefits awarded to you. This arrangement ensures that legal representation is accessible to individuals who may be facing financial challenges due to their disabilities.

  1. What should I do if my disability benefits application is denied?

If your initial application is denied, a Disability Benefits Lawyer can help you appeal the decision. They will work to strengthen your case, gather additional evidence, and represent you in administrative hearings to increase your chances of a successful appeal.

  1. Can I hire a Disability Benefits Lawyer after my initial application is denied?

Yes, you can hire a Disability Benefits Lawyer at any stage of the application process, including after a denial. Having legal representation during the appeals process can significantly improve your chances of overturning the denial and securing the benefits you deserve.

If you have additional questions, get in touch with a San Francisco disability benefits lawyer. At The Law Office of Bennett M. Cohen, we want to help you.

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If you are preparing to file an application for disability benefits or appeal a denied or undervalued claim, legal representation is crucial towards success. Hire representation that you trust to treat your case with the attention and care that it deserves. Contact the Law Office of Bennett M. Cohen today to schedule a consultation where we can learn about your case and begin working to protect you and your rights.

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