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Disabling Conditions Attorney

Disabling Conditions Can Strike Anyone

As our San Fransisco, CA disabling conditions lawyer knows, a serious accident or sickness can befall the most dedicated, hardworking person. People struck with a disabling condition often battle painful, exhausting and incapacitating symptoms in an effort to remain at work.

When your insurance company denies your claim, it may tell you that you are perfectly capable of working. Your insurance company may utterly disregard that you applied for disability benefits reluctantly and only after “toughing it out” for as long as possible.

Disabling Conditions Vary Greatly

Disabling conditions vary greatly. A disabling condition may involve a back or neck injury, a hand injury, a repetitive stress injury, a neuropathy, an autoimmune disorder such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis or Sjogren’s Syndrome, a heart condition, a stroke, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder or another type of injury or illness.

Some disabling conditions do not cause detectable abnormalities on physical exam. Although your insurer knows very well that a person can be disabled and have no “objective signs,” it may still deny your claim due to the absence of “objective” signs or abnormalities. Courts have harshly criticized insurers for denying claims based upon the absence of abnormalities that are commonly absent with certain illnesses or injuries — but insurance companies keep denying these claims for these reasons just the same.

At the Law Offices of Bennett M. Cohen, our San Fransisco disabling conditions lawyer works with you, your treating physician and other appropriate, fair-minded and ethical professionals to advocate for individuals asserting disability insurance claims. We stand up for individuals against insurance companies and their “hired gun” experts. We work tirelessly to protect our clients’ rights.

Bennett M. Cohen has years of experience in insurance law and helping individuals whose disability claims have been denied in bad faith. He is widely recognized for his legal abilities, by both his peers and past clients. Mr. Cohen’s keen eye for detail, his in-depth knowledge of the law and invaluable trial experience are just a few of the qualities that set him apart from other Bay Area attorneys.

Disabling Conditions And Denied Disability Insurance Claims

Whether your claim is denied, your payment has been delayed, you’ve been underpaid or you are wrongfully accused of insurance fraud, you get straightforward advice when working with San Fransisco disabling conditions lawyer, Bennett M. Cohen. From walking you through the claims process or helping you recover disability insurance benefits through litigation, Mr. Cohen takes a hands-on and thorough approach to your case.

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At The Law Offices of Bennett M. Cohen, P.C. there is no charge for the first consultation. Please contact us to schedule a meeting with our lawyer, Bennett M. Cohen. Located in San Francisco, we handle claims throughout the Bay Area and the State of California.

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