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As our San Francisco, CA claim process lawyer can explain in detail, the process of filing for disability insurance benefits is much more straightforward than the process of dealing with a claim in which your benefits have been denied or delayed. In dealing with a delayed claim on your own or simply letting it go, you risk losing your opportunity to get the benefits that you deserve.

At The Law Offices of Bennett M. Cohen, P.C., we advocate for individuals facing issues involving insurance bad faith and disability insurance claims. Regardless of what stage of the process that you are in, attorney Bennett M. Cohen will provide advice that is tailored to meet your needs.

Disability Insurance Claim Process

Disability insurance is intended to help people when they are in need, but all too often insurance companies will try to make the process of getting benefits difficult. From denying a disability for no reason to delaying payment, insurance companies will use a variety of techniques to intimidate policyholders.

Insurance companies will often employ such techniques to deny claims as:

  1. Using an incorrect definition of disability
  2. Reading the definition of disability in a self-serving and unreasonable way
  3. Ignoring evidence that supports the claim
  4. Engaging in a highly selective review of the medical records and vocational information and “cherry-picking” the facts that appear to support the denial
  5. Employing as regular employees or contractors unscrupulous doctors who are for sale to the highest bidder — in this case, for sale to the insurance company

Often, for these unscrupulous doctors employed by insurance companies, a substantial portion of their income is derived from working for insurance companies.

The business model for many insurance companies appears to be to deny as many claims as possible and count on the insured not challenging the denial.

This is why you need an experienced San Francisco claim process lawyer – you need someone who understands the claims process inside and out, and who understands what needs to be done to maximize the benefits you are able to get. Mr. Cohen has experience helping clients at all stages of the claims process. He is highly familiar with the appeals process and respected in the courts for his work in this area. Using his trial experience and knowledge of the law, he takes a thorough and detailed approach to each step of the claims process.

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