Worker Accident And Disability Compensation

People with lupus, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, spinal stenosis, depression and other serious conditions often work with serious challenges that many people do not understand. Despite engaging in a heroic struggle to remain on the job, a person afflicted with such a condition may reach a point where he or she can simply no longer work full time or work ...

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Worker Accident and Disability Compensation

An unexpected illness or injury can befall anyone. Whether you are a physician, osteopath, attorney, architect, scientist, accountant, a manager, supervisor or other employee of a city, county, or state, or you pursue any other type of occupation, you may one day find yourself to be disabled.

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The fact that you have received payments from a collateral source, such as medical insurance payments, does not reduce the amount of damages you can claim against the wrongdoer.

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